The Perfect Headshot

September 26, 2019 | 01:41 PM| For Employees
The Perfect Headshot
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It is said that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. In this ever-evolving world of Social Media and Career Marketing- your head shot is the first impression you will make on your next potential employer. Now you are probably wondering, what makes a good head shot? Just a few things to think about:
*Frame your shot from the chest up
*Look directly at the camera – Eye contact is key
*Wear solid color top, white, black, and gray
*Practice laughing and smiling with teeth before
*Relax- no fake smiles
*Have good lighting on your face
*Showcase the personality you want to give off
*Easy to see and notice, even when small
*Crop for the platform you are using it on:
Linkedin: 400 px x 400 px
Twitter: 400 px X 400 px
Facebook: 180 px X 180 px
Instagram: 110 px X 110 px
Pinterest: 165 px X 165 px
Google+: 250 px X 250 px
Remember not to take yourself too seriously, show some personality and have fun!

Writer: Jennifer Whittaker is a Professional Image Consultant, Professional Model and Coach in the modeling industry, she is also a certified Professional HMUA and a born teacher. She trained in Los Angeles, CA in professional photo studios and movie sets. She has worked in many different settings including salons, movie sets, music video sets and private studios.
As a consultant and coach, Jennifer has had the opportunity to teach others about who they really are and how to shine and be confident and comfortable while discovering how amazing they are in the process. She has traveled around multiple states with different public speaking opportunities. “Never dull your shine for anyone else!” J.R. Tolken
Jennifer comes with a extensive knowledge of fashion design. With her experience as a model, actress, and pageant queen, competing on a national stage is not for the beginners. She has learned how to showcase others assets thereby giving them a greater sense of self.


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