Why I Chose a Career in Medicine

October 18, 2018 | 02:55 PM|
Why I Chose a Career in Medicine
Written by SourceLync Team

Jahbrea Toler is a CNA/HHA and had been in the field for a little over a year when she was interviewed. She shared an inspirational story with the SourceLync team and offered positive encouragement to others.

Though there were many factors that inspired her to pursue a career in medicine, one of her main inspirations was the loss of her little cousin. Jahbrea took this tragic experience as confirmation to fulfil her dream.

“Since I was younger people always told me I had a special gift with children. At a very young age I knew this is what I wanted to dedicate myself to. I want to make a difference in those kid’s lives.”

She admits the field can be challenging and overwhelming especially in school;

“Never give up!...It may seem as if you’re never going to finish. Everything is going to hit you at once and you’re going to feel like you can’t make it. The key to success is just to believe in yourself. A support system helps, however, if you don’t have a support system, whatever your religion is I also encourage prayer…Continue to flourish and blossom, everything is going to work out.”

Jahbrea hopes to become an RN and work at a children’s hospital in the near future. We wish her all the best in her endeavors!

An Interview with Jahbrea Toler (@Jahbrea)


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